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Personal Financial Services

Through our planning process, we provide unique financial strategies for individuals and families allowing them to organize and protect their assets, income and lifestyle, while focusing their resources to achieve their goals.
We provide experience in the following areas:

Life Insurance


Your ability to earn an income over the course of your life translates into your human life value- the culmination of your potential lifetime earnings. Life insurance can be used to protect your family against this economic loss in the event of your premature death. Additionally, it can be used for other personal or estate planning objectives. We work with you to determine the amount, term, and type to build an insurance portfolio that is best suited for your needs.

Legal Document Review & Storage


Having the proper legal documents in place can ensure that your assets are handled according to your wishes in the event that you are unable to do so. The proper documents can also provide medical instructions to those taking care of you, identify who will take care of your family, and guide and protect how your legacy will be passed. We work with your legal advisor to review that your affairs are in order and provide access to a secure storage vault so that your important documents are easily located when the time comes.

Disability Insurance


Your ability to earn an income is one of your most valuable assets. As part of our protection review, we make sure that our clients our able to realize their human capital value even if sickness or injury prevents them from working. The coordination between employer-provided and individually-owned insurance is crucial to making sure you are protected from short term work leave and long term catastrophes.

Health Insurance


We can help you compare the costs and benefits of medical insurance policies whether obtained through an employer, government program, or individually.

Investment Management


We help clients manage their investments in both the accumulation and distribution phases of their lives.


Accumulation Strategies: We work to align comfort level with appropriate portfolios designed for retirement, college, or other goals while minimizing risk and providing to tax efficiency.


Distribution Strategies: We assist clients as they transition from a wealth accumulation mindset to an income oriented mindset while continuing to minimize risk and ensure financial confidence.

Personal Financial Website


We create a personal financial website for each of our clients to organize their financial lives. This single website acts as your financial home base and gives you a complete overview of your finances in real time.

Property & Casualty Review


Protecting what you have today creates the foundation for you to build wealth. As the first step of our planning process, we review your coverage for proper protection and cost efficiency. One type of coverage is you property and casualty insurance. This protects the things you own – like your home and automobiles – from theft, damage, and other risks associated with owning them. It also provides protection for you, your dependents, and even your pets if you accidentally cause damage to others and their property.

Retirement/Income Plan Design


The challenges facing today’s retirees are completely different from the challenges retirees faced 40 years ago. Careful planning and creativity is required to ensure that the design of defined benefit, defined contribution, or hybrid plans will meet the goals and needs of plan participants over the long term.